A little radio program about the literature, history and culture of the American West



Lisa Simon — creator, producer, co-host

Lisa Simon is a Humanities scholar, a poetry activist, and a recent recipient of the “Humanities Heroes” award in Montana. She has been in the field of adult education for over 20 years, with special emphasis in non-traditional learners. Simon holds a Ph.D. in literary modernism from University of Washington, has published and presented at conferences on topics of Imagism, the poet H.D. and the history of war poetry.

David Moore — advisor, contributor, co-host

Professor of English at the University of Montana, Missoula, David's research areas include American Studies, Native American literatures, cross-cultural American Renaissance, Montana and Western American literatures, peace studies, Baha'i Studies, literature and the environment, and eco-critical and dialogic critical theory. David has published widely on the Western literature and Native Americans. His forthcoming book is "That dream shall have a name": Native Americans Rewriting America.

Beth Anne Austein — sound designer

Beth Anne Austein has been spinning tunes on the air, as well as recording, editing and mixing audio for Montana Public Radio and Montana PBS, since the Clinton Administration. Many of her favorite moments in the control room involve recording something literary. The list of local programs for which Beth Anne has jockeyed mic faders includes "The Plant Detective;" "Listeners Bookstall;" "Fieldnotes;" "Musicians Spotlight;" Montana productions of "Storycorps," "Selected Shorts," and the National Folk Festival;  broadcasts of symphony, chorale, and chamber music performances; music series hosted by Bill Raoul and Jodi Marshall; television programs produced by Gus Chambers and John Twiggs; and various lecture series.

Jason Neal — web designer, production editor

Jason brings extensive knowledge in software and website development as well as strategic business savvy deriving from his work at a large business consulting firm. He works in website development and design, primarily on projects for non-profits, rooted in the humanities. Jason also has an MFA in fiction writing from Mills College and serves as our financial manager.